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I did the poll. I meant I did the poll. JESUS, Harry.

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1) If toadinahole and violenceissexy were spliced together, what would be its name? Creature I Avoid Talking To
2) Where would thatmordredkid most like to visit? Hasselhoff's dressing room.
3) Does bitemycherry do drugs? God. That WOULD explain alot.
4) Is vivytheviking in a relationship? She has a rather one-sided love affair going on with the freaky dog of hers.
5) What is incateyeglasses's favorite band/artist? SPICE GIRLS... err, Perry's band! I meant Perry's band!
6) What planet should catsareawesome be from? One far, far away from me and my career.
7) If justsexysuits were hanging off a cliff, what would zefrenchdisease do? He better pull his ass up quick before Quinn finds out, but he'd probably end up laughing at him loudly and pestering him with questions before doing so.
8) How would likeonions kill zefrenchdisease? Probably by boring him to death. I'M JUST SAYIN'.
9) How long have you known catsareawesome? Much longer than I'd like to.
10) How tall is vivytheviking? Shorter than me! (By like, an inch, okay-but STILL.)
11) What is violenceissexy's favorite movie? I AM SO ANGRY, LET ME SHOOT SOMETHING IN THE FACE or possibly, Transformers. Yeah, I can see her digging that.
12) What video game does catsareawesome remind you of? Resident Evil.
13) Does catsareawesome drink? Yes. Mainly cream while purring (don't ask) but YES.
14) If mrhaveitall and likeonions were spliced together, what would it be like? Hahahaha. The animagi who loved animals a little too much.
15) Is fromfireandash friends with incateyeglasses? Yeah, we'll call them that.
16) How many monkeys could violenceissexy fight at once and win against? Oh, I'd say five or so. I will say she is QUITE rage filled
17) What word best describes ladiesplease? ANCIENT.
18) What color should bitemycherry dye their hair? Green. It would match her infected crotch.
19) Does incateyeglasses have a dog? Yes!
20) Has fromfireandash dyed their hair? Well, this one time at Yulemas...
21) Does myhatisrad have a crush on violenceissexy? Oh GOD, I hope not. Seriously, Perry- there are other options available.
22) How long would bitesandbeakers dating fromfireandash last? Only as long as it took their respective "man partners" to find them. There would be tears, crying jags, wailing, apologies, and then (hopefully!) a foursome. Well, make that a threesome. I really have no desire to watch Aidan get it on.
23) What animal does justsexysuits remind you of? I REFUSE TO SAY PEGICORN. REFUSE.
24) Is zefrenchdisease an emo? Hahaha. NO. Don't give him ideas, BTW.
25) Are justsexysuits and myhatisrad married? IF ONLY.

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